Kingdom of Tulahan

Greetings fellow reader!

Today I bring you an update that’s a bit out of the ordinary. I’m here to announce my latest blog going public, the Kingdom of Tulahan!

So, what exactly is the Kingdom of Tulahan?

I’m glad you asked.

Basically it’s my world-building interest that has finally taken solid form in the shape of an intricate fantasy world, complete with a multitude of compendiums and collections of short-stories and informative texts on characters, beasts, plants, artifacts, world-orders, relationships, prejudices, power-struggles and legends all taking place in the realm of Tulahan, a world created by the weird and wicked mind of yours truly.

If this sounds interesting, check it out here.

It’s been a side-project of mine for many months now, and after going back and forth between launching it already or not, I decided that it was time. There’s still a whole lot of work to be done before the core information is in place, but I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone! If you’re as nerdy as me, enjoy fantasy short-stories, or just find magic, dragons and beasts to be awesome; then I promise you’ll fit right in.

Updates will be rolling out daily, and the small gold-fish that is currently the world will soon have evolved into a massive leviathan of the sea.

See you there!


On a side-note: Next part of my Nightfall series should be hitting the blog in a day or two as long as my cat does not eat up my manuscript, for some reason, paper is a delicacy to him.